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About the ACPL Scholarly Agenda

ACPL scholars and affiliates conduct research for the purpose of equipping current and future generations to create a better way forward for the future of our country. ACPL’s scholarly agenda is informed by an understanding that Americans have diverse and often conflicting perspectives about the best way to move forward in our pluralistic society.  Recognizing these tensions, ACPL scholarship aims to bring together diverse perspectives to better understand areas of conflict and opportunities for advancing the common good.  This agenda is carried out through empirical studies, conceptual papers, and research briefs that advance new knowledge in fields such as education, civic studies, political science, and human resource development.

ACPL’s scholarly agenda aims to create innovative teaching/training tools and interactive web platforms with the goal of helping Americans contribute to our democracy in meaningful ways. 

Forums, surveys, and tools created by the ACPL include:

The Citizen-Scholars’ Symposia addresses timely topics that encourage reflection about ways to improve the health of our American democracy.

The National Survey was administered to over 5,000 Americans with the goal of understanding the beliefs, practices, and life experiences of Americans that vary in their overall levels of civic literacy, capacity for constructive deliberation, and civic engagement.

The Civic Orientations Assessment Tool (COAT) is a research-based customized measure of one’s orientation to public life. It provides insights into individual strengths and opportunities for growth in contributing to a democratic society. 

The American Center for Political Leadership at Southeastern University stands at the intersection of cutting-edge education and trailblazing research.

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