A Call for a Better Way

Let me start off by writing that I could not be more excited for you to join us as we begin the American Center for Political Leadership (ACPL)! No matter what your career may be, you are a part of a larger social fabric and you have a responsibility to participate in the issues of the day.

Civic engagement is not an option for American citizens. Our country only works when every single person, regardless of creed or color, actively engages with the process. What makes me so incredibly hopeful about the future of this country is when I look at this next generation, I see a group of young people who understands the need for involvement better than most generations before them. They know that they must be a part of the system: fixing its weaknesses and improving its strengths.

They also have learned how to wield their most valuable asset—their voice. The sweeping changes in technology have handed this generation a megaphone to express their opinions in a way that has never been seen before in our democracy. However, it is one thing to be handed such an amazing tool, it is quite another thing to be taught how to use that tool. These young people have the opportunity to fix issues that have plagued our nation for generations, if only they can learn how to use the gift of technology to bring solutions to the issues of our day.

Unfortunately, our current political leaders have failed to teach this generation how to use their voice to create real solutions. Solutions aren’t created through character assassinations, outrageous social media posts or refusing to listen to people you disagree with. Solutions only come when we approach each other with civility, dignity and respect.

This generation needs a better way. They have the drive and the passion; what they need to be shown is how to use their drive and passion to create real solutions for today.

This is why we created the American Center for Political Leadership—to raise up a new generation of political leaders who understand that the only way to create real lasting change is by engaging when others pull back, by acting with civility when others work through disrespect, and by defending the individual freedoms that form the bedrock of our society.

These are the pillars of the ACPL:

  • Cultivating Civic Engagement
  • Advancing Political Civility
  • Defending Individual Freedoms

We want to reclaim the traditional American ideal that we can make this nation great by working together, no matter what our differences may be. Our goal is to give the next generation the tools they need to make this dream a reality. Our hope is that with the resources we create through the ACPL, this generation will be better equipped to create a better way forward for the future of our country.

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