Academic Journal Highlights Works from ACPL Summit

In January of 2020, Southeastern’s American Center for Political Leadership (ACPL) held a Citizen-Scholars’ Symposium to address fundamental questions related to the democracy of the United States. Out of this conference, came the latest edition of “The Good Society Journal,” published by Pennsylvania State University (PSU). 

“The Good Society” is an academic journal published three times a year by PSU Press on behalf of The Committee for the Political Economy of the Good Society. It is the latest and largest collection of published academic research on the issues of civic engagement, civil discourse, and civics curriculum. 

The entirety of the latest edition is composed of pieces either originally presented at the symposium or inspired by it. Each work features diverse thoughts on democracy and the challenges facing the nation and collective society in current day. 

The symposium concluded upon a strong focus on civic renewal as an overarching goal for the growth and survival of democracy, as well as the concept that institutions are catalysts for this category of change. These developments are reflected among each article from varying authors in “The Good Society Journal.”

ACPL Director Dennis Ross said, “In a time when ‘politics as usual’ is urging Americans to choose their side in a polarized battle, this journal sketches a path beyond war. Leaders from across the partisan divide advanced arguments for a civic renaissance and renewed citizenship in professions, institutions and communities, and advanced steps in achieving these goals.”

The latest issue of “The Good Society Journal” can be found here

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