FMC Discussion – Yeas and Neys, The 2020 Election

Democracy requires debate and discussion, but it does not have to be divisive nor ugly. Every week, until the election in November FMC and Braver Angels, will bring together two former Members of Congress, from different political parties, for a 15-20 minute civil and productive discussion, on issues that will be discussed by the candidates. They will also provide their insights about how citizens with differing points of view can have disagreements that are not contentious and hateful, and rather promote responsible citizenship.

Episode One: CAMPAIGNS
The Hon. LF Payne (D-VA,  1988-1997)
The Hon. Dennis Ross, (R-FL, 2011-2019)

Moderated by:
Mr. Pete Weichlein, FMC CEO

Watch the discussion here.

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